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Cordon Taste of Chicago restaurant is locally founded, owned, and quickly becoming a favorite joint to eat, hang out, or host a party/show. Located just as one leaves McAllen and hits Edinburg, Cordon Taste of Chicago offers authentic tasting Chicago style foods, and, if a more Mediterranean flavor is desired, they offer quite a tasty gyro, too.

Cyndy and Egar Cordon moved to the Valley from Chicago but not before adapting their palates for the food of Chicago—deep dish pizzas, calzones, soaked sandwiches…The restaurant that bears their family name carries this taste to you, RGV resident! The menu is available on the site listed in the image above.

What this RGV city did with abandoned space…

A shut-down, Super Walmart left a large, abandoned building in the center of busy McAllen, TX. That was a whopping 124,500 square feet of abandoned space for McAllen to use. 

What McAllen did was contribute to the culture of its citizens by converting the space into an award-winning public library design.

 By Mary T. Walker

For the Affordability...


      #1  ranked as the U.S.A.'s most affordable city to live for three years by           cost of living index from 2011-2013 [Harlingen Economic Development        Corporation Board statements confirm this]



    #2 most affordable [Council for Community and Economic Research's Cost     of Living Index 6th edition] ranked as the affordable, yet professional              standard of living.

"Let's go to the beach!" by Paul Davenport

     That's the sentence that makes everyone happy in our family.  And for us, that beach is South Padre Island, or "SPI" as we call it.  It's been a part of summer tradition for years.  A week at SPI is always what we look forward to the most when we head out from the Dallas Metroplex.