Welcome to the  RGVinformation.com* website. Here RGV people find the information they need. This is the place where Valley visitors, new residents and even you can enjoy discovering the Rio Grande Valley. Find out where the major places are located, like hospital, schools, post offices, shops, churches, museums, parks, theaters, sport events and more.

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The Valley of Texas is the place where two cultures mix. Valley’s residents rely on supportive families, strong community networks, shared culture and a persistent pursuit to create the best possible future for themselves and their children.

South Texas is an overall nice area, particularly The Rio Grande Valley! The RGV is a growing region where newcomers discover opportunities beyond their expectations.We are excited to welcome the new residents that are coming soon to our region. The merger of the two Universities of Texas satellites: UT Brownsville and UT Pan American into the University of Texas of the Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV), is going to attract even more people. The addition of its medical school opens the allure of opportunity to all over the United States and around the world. After all, this is the place where dreams come true. 

RGVpeople are friendly and the weather is warm. Winter Texans benefit from the great climate we enjoy pretty much all year! The Rio Grande Area is alway welcoming of visitors and new residents!  

God Bless the Rio Grande Valley of Texas!
This is a place full of opportunities; be ready to prosper!

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