by Ravalyn Valley

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation proposed in 2003 that the month of March be the annual month for MS awareness. This became official from then on through the declaration of Ft. Lauderdale's Mayor Mayor Jim Naugle and Florida's Governor Jeb Bush. 

South Texas Multiple Sclerosis Center started an annual MS Awareness walk in March. This year McAllen held the RGV's second annual walk at First United Methodist Church on March 5th.

Participation was voluntary but those who wanted to donate thirty dollars received the 2016 SOTXMSC t-shirt. The back of the shirt listed business supporters that helped provide water, Gatorade, and snacks. 
Chick-fil-A even sent a cow mascot with a pink bow and tank top shirt--last year they sent a boy cow (ahem, the bull?) in an orange t-shirt to the race. Orange is the color of MS support. Completion of the large circular mapped out area three times received an orange ribbon.

Three rounds walking or running this pathway was a completion of a 5K! The council's members wore their t-shirts and the local college, South Texas College (STC) had their Communication Club participating in their t-shirts.


 There was a nice turnout for the RGV demonstrating South Texas solidarity and support for all their citizens.



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