Cordon Taste of Chicago restaurant is locally founded, owned, and quickly becoming a favorite joint to eat, hang out, or host a party/show. Located just as one leaves McAllen and hits Edinburg, Cordon Taste of Chicago offers authentic tasting Chicago style foods, and, if a more Mediterranean flavor is desired, they offer quite a tasty gyro, too.

Cyndy and Egar Cordon moved to the Valley from Chicago but not before adapting their palates for the food of Chicago—deep dish pizzas, calzones, soaked sandwiches…The restaurant that bears their family name carries this taste to you, RGV resident! The menu is available on the site listed in the image above.

 Next to the restaurant is a posh gift store. The gift store will soon close to make room for a private dining area--so before they sell out of the nifty novelty items they are all on sale Monday-Friday before 5 pm. You may run into one of the owners as you browse through items.

Cyndy and Edgar’s daughter Alyssa Cordon  works side-by-side with servers at the restaurant (mother-daughter  pictured). Servers speak highly of Alyssa, like Miranda Nichols and Sandy Silva. Sandy shared her favorite part of working at Cordon’s.

Cyndy Cordon & daughter Alyssa Cordon -Photo  by Mary T. Walker

Sandy reminisced about her experience as a  server at other places that were corporate chains that were more rigid in interpersonal business relationships—this experience allows her to  appreciate her position at Cordon’s. Miranda agrees and explains how the owners decorate the place to create the dining area's singular ambiance.  Miranda explains that the owners invite artists from the local university to paint murals and adorn the walls with knick-knacks they've collected.

                           Cordon server Miranda Nichols in restaurant   Photo by Elizabeth Garcia

Orders are adjusted according to patron's request, and they offer house brewed tea (sweet or unsweet) next to the standard soda choices. Beverages don't stop there as also available are white and red wine, some artisan beers alongside the standard variety, and coffee.


They have specials Monday through Thursday. They sport murals painted by art students from the local UT satellite (formerly UTPA and currently UTRGV). The murals line the walls inside and out leading to the outdoor area ready for get-togethers. Their doors opened in 2012, and with the ever increasing popularity, this place is likely to only get more bustling!



photo by Mary T, Walker

Sandy Silva