By Mary T. Walker

For the Affordability...


      #1  ranked as the U.S.A.'s most affordable city to live for three years by           cost of living index from 2011-2013 [Harlingen Economic Development        Corporation Board statements confirm this]



    #2 most affordable [Council for Community and Economic Research's Cost     of Living Index 6th edition] ranked as the affordable, yet professional              standard of living.

For the Safety…

      McAllen safest cities #7 in USA 

For the Food...

       Delia's, House Wine, Patio on the Guerra, Lucky Sushi...For the top ten             see this site:

For  Opportunity

  Brownsville #27 places in U.S.A. for opportunity



For the Growth

        McAllen #1 fastest growing city in USA Growth (2000-2010): growth rate 39.3% [Turner                    Broadcasting System, Inc. April 2012]

For Happiness

            RGV .04-.07 Happier places to live in U.S.A.