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                                               by Mary T. Walker

     Exhibits of this Museum in Edinburg, TX document the history of the Rio Grande Valley and some of Mexico. The library, located at 200 N Closner Blvd (Edinburg, TX 78541), is divided into four parts: the decorative Grand Lobby, Rio Grande Legacy (located upstairs), River Crossroads, and a preserved ancient prison dubbed the Old Jail (two floors off of the main library building). 

     The Grand Lobby is designed and ornamented according to Spanish Design as was popular in the twentieth century--from faux candle holders to pillared enterences. 

     The Rio Grande Legacy highlights aspects of the RGV's beginning.

     The discovery and settling of the RGV as it forged its identity with the growing Western hemisphere is celebrated with the display of Artifacts in a glass showcase in the center of the ornate tiled floor. The tiles together form the compass that is also pictured on the wall--a sailor’s compass that features wind patterns.Each patron walks across the tiled replica of the compass as they enter the Rio Grande Legacy exhibit. 

Images by Ravalyn


 Weaponry, farm equipment and navigation tools are featured in these pictures during a recent visit of the legacy portion (November 2015). Replicas of environment, informative posters, and labeled artifacts pepper this part of the museum to establish its title as the Rio Grande Legacy.

Image soldier over a display of guns repesenting the Mexican War for indpendence

     This image and display of fire arms are to represent the Mexican War for Independence, the victory is celebrated annually on September 17, Displays of Mexico’s history are to demonstrate the inseparable identity of South Texas with Mexico both as its former national territory to its enduring cultural undercurrent.