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Five years ago I arrived to this beautiful area, and I wanted to know everything about it. I had the idea to share my process of discovering the Valley, and that’s how was born three years ago. Today, two years later, I is turned into we and we are creating

Our mission state the same. This is a site for the whole family! We provide informational services for visitors and residents of the Rio Grande Valley community. Through this website new residents, Winter Texans, and even seasoned Valley residents can find new and exciting information about Rio Grande Valley attractions, culture, events, and more.

Now is turner into more interactive site, that's why it’s very important to let you know that we care about “Netiquette.” “Netiquette” is a set of rules that facilitate the good manners over the internet. and has an Acceptance of Terms of Use agreement. By accessing our site, you expressly accept and agree with all of our conditions. 

Palm trees in front of an apartment complex in the Valley, TX are common.
Palm tree in front of a RGV apartament

Finally, we believe that each new person who like us, came to the Valley and comes with projects and dreams that exist in their spiritual world. We believe that and will be very useful to many new comers or rookies  and with us and your help, it will manifest itself in the world of the internet giving to many abundance in blessing.  We are  people that like to succeed. We believe that each newcomer is like a palm tree that growths in the Valley, ready to be planted, grown and endure for long time. Congratulation! You make the right decision choosing the Valley of Texas to be your home.