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The current President of the United States Barack H. Obama is almost completing his second term, and candidates are throwing their hats in to run for their political parties to be the next President. This will only be accomplished for one of them if they get the public votes and so state electoral votes across the nation to win. If you are a citizen planning on voting, it is the goal of this article to give you more information so that you can harness the power of your vote as you will with more knowledgeable. Information NOT opinion with some questioning of the opinions being so confidently tossed at the public by politicians. Many pundits know if they say something confidentially, often enough, and if needed distract with controversy, the public will be more likely to believe them. This article is NOT asking you to vote for a particular candidate; it is an article asking you to vote with more information. At the end, I will conclude with some resources for you to continue to track the platforms of whichever candidate(s) you want to.

     First of all, who is running? For what party? Below is a list of candidates by party (Republican or Democrat ) in alphabetical order by their last name. The pundits listed are streamlined by current popularity, meaning five Democratic candidates & eleven Republicans (ten of whom you may have caught on the first of the Republican debates). Democrats are generally represented by a donkey and Republicans by an elephant —so these icons will be framing the line of candidate and campaign web pages for each party.

Let's consider the topic of minimum wage.


The right to run for President--does the candidate need to be born in the U.S.A.?


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