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The Rio Grande Bible Institute (RGBI) is a nondenominational school located in Edinburg, Texas which serve as a Bible college for students from Mexico, Central America, and South America, and provide Spanish language training for non-Spanish-speaking North American who will serve as missionaries in Spanish-speaking ares of the world.

Here in the Valley, you can find a lot of Bible clases. hello Joanne!

The region count with many temples. Worship is a way of living.

Want to go to church? See for yourself. hello Joana

Something is happening in RGV. All the area is blessed. More and more people are comming and more people are coming to Jesus Christ.

It 's something crazy, a new resident coment. I just arrive and since my arrival I am feeling more conected with God. I has been a Christian for many years, but it is here in the Valley that I feel that my relation with God is growing and maturing.