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Technology News

  1. Puerto Rican astronaut affected by double hurricanes

    Space station's Joe Acaba had home flooded by one hurricane, family's homeland hit by another
  2. How loose soil beneath Mexico City can make earthquakes more severe

    The loose soil beneath amplifies the ripple effects from earthquakes.
  3. The Latest: Twitter to meet with Senate investigators

    The social media company, Twitter, says it will meet with a Senate committee investigating Russia's interference in the presidential election
  4. Soft soil makes Mexico City shake like it was built on jelly

    Seismologists say Mexico City's dry lake bed of soft soil made the earthquake shaking worse
  5. Giant antennas in New Mexico search for cosmic discoveries

    Astronomers are using an array of giant antennas in the New Mexico desert for a years-long project aimed at producing the sharpest view ever of such a large portion of the sky using radio waves.