testing feature

by Mary T. Walker


Trenton road in McAllen at Christian Fellowship Church [CFC] on a Saturday evening around supper time, ticket-holders filtered through the foyer to submit their tickets.As they got to the lobby they could get a plate and pile on finger sandwiches, muffins, and off to the left was coffee from a choice of Starbucks or the CFC standard Sunday-morning-coffee: caffeinated or decaf. This was no ordinary weekend church gathering, though. People paid to be at church on Saturday to hear the author of 90 minutes in Heaven, Don Piper, give his jaw-dropping testimony.

As a young Pastor travelling out of town in bad weather from a church convention, he made a split-second decision to take a bridge to get back home.  This decision placed him in the exact position to be run over by a volunteer from a nearby prison in a semi that rolled over his car crushing the vehicle and tearing Don Piper apart. The eighteen wheeler that was driven by a fairly novice driver also sideswiped two other vehicles. Gruesome tragedy for any who witnessed, was part of, or responded to the accident. This was true for Piper in the first fearsome moment when he raised his left arm over his head as the semi rolled over his car--tearing that arm off. 

"Let's go to the beach!" by Paul Davenport

     That's the sentence that makes everyone happy in our family.  And for us, that beach is South Padre Island, or "SPI" as we call it.  It's been a part of summer tradition for years.  A week at SPI is always what we look forward to the most when we head out from the Dallas Metroplex. 

Update on 2016 Election...Let the RGV be heard, VOTE

     By Mary T. Walker  

 Last year, we encouraged our readers to be a part of the nation’s decision making and vote. Now, the general election for the next president of the United States is drawing nigh! Many cities in the RGV have record lows for voting in elections...you can change that and get the RGV heard. 

We are in the midst of primary party elections wittling away until one nominee is chosen to represent the respective political party.There were many candidates placing their hat in the ring to run this year. This is the time when changes happen. So, who is still running? Who decided to throw in the towel? What primaries remain?

What this RGV city did with abandoned space…

A shut-down, Super Walmart left a large, abandoned building in the center of busy McAllen, TX. That was a whopping 124,500 square feet of abandoned space for McAllen to use. 

What McAllen did was contribute to the culture of its citizens by converting the space into an award-winning public library design.